Our Legacy

Combining tradition with the most modern and tech advanced equipment, Kormpakis family has reached the peak in oil production for years.
Starting in 1971, the masterful grandfather Chrysostomos Kormpakis launched the very first oil press workshop in Lakonia with brand new machinery.
At 1990, his son Peter Kormpakis a dexterous craftsman took over the family legacy and brought with him new extract methods that lead to the path of development and evolution.
After years of hard work and studying the complicated science of olive oil, Kormpakis’ family initiated a revolutionary factory: a vision that came true. Featuring cutting-edge technology, the factory was built upon a historical crossroad of the mythical river Evrotas and the cities Vlachioti – Skala – Myrtia.

Does the bed, my lady, still stand planted firm?— I don’t know—or has someone chopped away that olive-trunk and hauled our bedstead off?

Odyssey, Ψ 202-206

The art of olive oil demands hard work, years of knowledge but also the most advanced and innovative methods.

We’ve combined all three and remaining loyal to our values and our commitment to top notch quality, we offer you the purest greek virgin olive oil with half of a century expertise. From stone to INOX, our technologically advanced olive mill uses cold press to knead the fresh olives and produce the purest oil without the “burn marks” or damaging the valuable fruits. With two production lines our digitalised and ISO certified lab has the capacity to produce 40 tones of olive oil a day, as well as to storage up to 1200 tones. Our IEΛOT EN ISO 22000:2018 certifications can showcase the maximum yield in polyphenols that put Kormpaki’s olive oil at the top of the best olive oils’ in the world list. Lakonia’s mild climate and the finest olive varieties Koronaiki and Maniatiki endowed with exceptional aroma and taste, align in order to provide you with an extraordinary result.

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